Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If someone ever underestimate you,
never give in and shout out loud,

"Hey Look!I'm way better than YOU at least!"

p/s:I'm just the way I am,so what? :p

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asian Music Festival 2011

Hi,guys!Here I'm again and this gonna be a short update kay.Alright,guess what,I've been to the Asian Music Festival 2011 yesterday.Crazy queued up with great performances!!It was totally a Marathon show since it lasted up till 1.30am since 2pm and yes,I've been waiting for 11 hours just to wait for Edison Chen to show up.It was worth though since the show was awesomely fun!

Here he comes!Edison Chen!Honestly I ain't a big fan of him,but I was so excited when he showed up since I can barely see him in real.He only appear on the flat TV screen doesn't it?

Guess who?Its Seven!!!The hotest guy ever!!
He is a well-known korean singer in case if you don't know who he is.
He is such a man who full of charisma especially when he dance.Everything was just so perfect about him!
Basically,I was like 'Whoooaa!' when he rises from the rising stage and screamed like no-one!I think he was suprised by the shouted out either.Undoubtedly,which korean singer never dance when they perform nowadays huh?
Anyway,I was really glad to see him there since myself is already a k-pop fan for the passed 6 years.
Thank you Seven for the great show!
7 Rocks!

p/s:I'm so in love with live performances!It makes my heart beats faster!Thanks Galaxy,for the party!

Opps yea,something to add on.The Royal Wedding!Gosh,it was totally a fairy tale isn't it?The grant church,the classic stunning ivory gown with lace,the historic ceremony watched by billions across the globe,the carriage which only can be seen in the fairy tale story books,and finally,the newly married couple-PRINCE William and his bride Kate Middleton!!Congtulation to the future King and Queen of British and I do hope that they live their life happily after like how a fairy tale story usually ends.

p/s:I love Kate when she smiles,she's just simply gorgeous.Don't you think so?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Are Losing Your Memory Now.

Call all of your friends,
and tell them I'm never coming back,
cause this is the end.
Pretend that you want it,dont react.

The damage is done,
the police are coming too slow now.
I would have died,
I would have loved you all of my life.

When have you gone,
the beach is so cold in winter here.
And where have I gone,
I wake in Montauk with you near.

Remember the day,
cause this is what dreams should always be.
I just want to stay,
I just want to keep this dream in me.

Wake up,its time little girl,wake up,
all the best of what we've done is yet to come.
Wake up,its time little girl,wake up,
just remember who I am in the morning

You're losing your memory now.

Sunday, February 20, 2011




转朱阁 低绮户 照无眠

但愿人长久 千里共婵娟

Wednesday, January 5, 2011




还记得 小小年纪 松开我的手迷失的你
在人群里 看见你一边哭泣 手还握着冰淇淋
有时候 难过生气 你总有办法逗我开心
依然清晰 回忆里那些曾经有笑有泪的光阴
我们的生命先后顺序 在同个温室里
也是存在在这个世界 唯一的唯一
未来的每一步一脚印 踏着彼此梦想前进
路上偶尔风吹雨淋 也要握紧你的手心
未来的每一步一脚印 相知相惜相依为命
别忘记之间的约定 我会永远在你身边陪着你

现在我唱的这首歌曲 给我最亲爱的弟弟
在我未来生命之旅 要和你同手同脚同走下去



Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010


Chapter 1

Can you feel it?Its Christmas!It would be my favourite festival throughout a year.Step into the shopping mall and you will see all the christmas trees decorated with the beautiful sparkle lights with different color every where and hear the christmas songs even before the month of Christmas comes.How great would it be?!Well,I had several outings with some of my  friends since everything is pretty out there.
Firstly,Mr.Benz.A nice guy who brought me here and there.I had the butter chicken rice again which is really tasty after the first tried at Jln Ipoh,then Pavilion,Uniqlo and lastly Starhill Fisherman's Cove.It was really comfortable,even when we were just plainly walked along the street without saying anything,still you can feel each other.Of course he talked a lot.Anyway,thank you so much for being helpful all the time (you know what I am saying about),so instead of saying yourself that it was a tragedy for me to meet u as my friend,I would say that I'm thankful.Cheers.

Chapter 2

Secondly,Chun.Yea,another friend of mine.He seems fine,guess he lives his life good-ly in Penang?Yea,I hope so.Listened to his stories,experiences then we talked about our dreams.I wonder when will us achieve our dreams since they so far away from us?Still the same thing,sometime dreams are just dreams.Anyway,I'll try my best to achieve my goals and Chun,please conquer your world,haha.

Chapter 3

Yes,the same day.I was sleepless.Double clicked on my song playlist,signed in to my facebook and msn account,scrolled down throughout the friend list and he was being hunted.Thanks to his randomness,my sleepless night turns into the beautiful one.Drove all the way up to the 'hill' and sat outside Starbucks with a cup of hot hazelnut chocolate and talked about nonsense,mostly,then get back after hours.Still,my night turns beautiful due to the starry night sky.I'm not saying a single one,or few of the stars but it was uncountable!You know what,it's been really really really long time for me view a starry sky.My mind comes clean after all.Thank you so much although you guys wet my jacket and turned my jacket from S to L *lol,still I enjoyed the night though it freezed me a lot.Thankiew.

p/s:I won't step into the public male restroom anymore,never!lol.